March 1: Roland Watson has been blocked from posting to KNU Watch for three days. The Facebook Algorithm misunderstood a post he made, where he was speaking from the perspective of Burma police, saying that if the people would keep marching they would kill them. He wrote in the voice of the police, and FB misunderstood the sarcasm, thinking that he was inciting violence. He asks that we fill in and make posts of the street protests and the other important things that happen.

He has appealed to the Facebook Oversight Board, so the block may be removed sooner.

March 4: I'm back - FB says I am allowed to post again, for how long, I have no idea.

It's clear that their algorithm can't handle war and revolution - how complicated and confusing it can be. They can't handle the nuances of who is posting and what they are posting. Probably a big part of this is the programmers sit in offices somewhere and have no idea what an actual pro-democracy uprising is like, particularly one against the murderous savages who rule Burma and who are giving the orders to kill. They are programming broad tests of the language in posts, and which regularly reach incorrect conclusions.

I've been watching the protests, and am not surprised at all that they continue day after day. The people of Burma are determined. When the junta terrorists attack them, they do not give up. They change tactics. They are wearing helmets and other protection, and similar clothing, so the police can't target specific individuals. In some cases they fight back. In others, they block roads. Many, many roads have been blocked. And they keep marching.

The general strike is increasing. CDM is setting up public administration, outside of the dictatorship's control. More EAOs have vowed to protect the people. And every day there are more defectors. More police and even soldiers are joining CDM.

I'm going to go back to posting a lot of photos and videos of the protests. It is history. No one has ever demonstrated like this before, anywhere. It is wonderful to see, and we should all see it, in all its glory. Burma will be free.

March 5: One of the most telling things in the entire revolution that I have heard was a post-protest interview with a Bamar man. He said he had realized that he had been lied to and deceived, for a long time: told that all the problems in the country were caused by the ethnic nationalities. That's why the peace process failed, and Burma didn't move forward.

Now, seeing what the police were doing to HIS people, he felt horrible about how he had blamed the ethnic peoples, including the Rohingya.

Two things arise from this. (1) Building unity with Bamar, young Bamar, may now be possible. But (2), the lie tellers were not only the generals but also Suu Kyi and her senior NLD team.

When the regime is defeated, completely new leaders have to be chosen, who will respect the rights of everyone and who will pursue vigorously, as CRPH said yesterday that it would, a real federal democracy. Suu Kyi cannot lead this democracy. She is spoiled. She has to step aside - get out of the way. So too with all of her people.


The military dictatorship has lost control. The people no longer agree to be subjugated. They have shut the country down, and basically it is theirs. The military have their bases and their police stations, that is all. They send out gangs of thugs - police and plains clothes soldiers - to abuse and arrest and kill the people. They have guns, so they can do this. But for the bigger picture - to be able to continue to run the country - they are powerless. The people rule Burma. And if they can keep it up - the protests and the strike, the dictatorship will break. The tyrants are close, right now, to being overthrown.

In this situation, they may well react with extreme violence. Anyone who can help them - the EAOs, who also have guns, and other countries (ditto) - are obliged to do so, to prevent bloodshed and to allow the people to fulfill their desire to be free.

March 6: There are lots of photos today of different groups of police around the country who are joining CDM. Irrawaddy said yesterday it had reached 600. It is clearly now, one day later, on the way to 1,000. Many police cannot stomach that they are being linked to the killers everyone is seeing on the videos. They don't want to be associated with that. More and more police will inevitably change sides. At some point the tipping point should be reached, and hundreds and then thousands will join the protests.

March 7: A review of where things stand with the EAOs.

The NCA signatories, the ones that actually have armies:

- KNU, has fought recently in 5th Brigade, possibly others. KNU sent soldiers to protect the protestors, and offered security to junta deserters.
(Karen BGF, still firm junta ally, but said would not oppose protestors. DKBA, ?)
- SSA-S, Yawd Serk said he would talk to CRPH. Battles with presumed ally, Tatmadaw. Attempting to secure additional territory in Northern Shan State, and fighting with TNLA and SSA-N. You really have to wonder, what is Yawd Serk thinking?
- NMSP, ?

Other EAOs:

- KIA, fighting Tatmadaw daily, has been asked by Kachin groups worldwide to protect demonstrators in Kachin areas.
- KNPP, not much publicly, but over one hundred police joined CDM in Karenni State.
- Naga, embroiled in internal disputes.
- TNLA, reportedly sent soldiers, for one day, to protect protestors in Lashio. Active, but what they are doing is unclear. MNDAA and SSA-N also active with TNLA.
- Other Northern groups, Wa, NDAA, AA (backed by Wa), seem to be following China's line, described in the post below from Lawi Weng, to stay out of it and to STFU. Very disappointing. Have to choose sides, for China or for real freedom for Burma.