Every day billions of us wake up and passively go to work, school, church/temple, the bar, to fast-food restaurant and so forth. Rarely do we question why we should be doing this or what effect our use of the world's resources is having on life as a whole.

I use the term 'jobism' to describe the bizarre belief that work (including schoolwork) is good in itself, and that bosses (teachers/priests) have the right to dictate the nature of everyday life to us.

People become so deeply brainwashed into the cult of jobism that upon retirement many of them quickly wither and die. Kids become so accustomed to the strict regimentation of school that they are actually bored when they have any freedom, and so they sit passively in front of TVs, computer screen or video games where they don't have to generate any thoughts for themselves. Others become so addicted to religion that they become mere puppets dangling on a theological string thus destroying mind and body in fear of their god's wrath.

The totalitarian nature of jobism is such that even people who call themselves anarchists or libertarians go to 'work' (or school) every day and thus continue to prop up the authoritarian social structures they claim to detest. And not only do people work to produce more stuff, they then tirelessly work 'hard' to consume it and thus complete the 'addictive' cycle necessary to maintain the cult of the job.

In a population where people are becoming progressively 'physically' deskilled, they have little choice but to become passive consumers of information in order to fill up their time and give their lives meaning.

But most of the information people absorb are barrages of abstract concepts put out by the collective corporate-owned media and designed specifically to stop people from thinking and acting in their own best interest and that of their families and communities.

Like Pavlov's dogs we are taught to salivate at the very thought of a morsel of junk food or get excited about owning a trinket. We become aroused at the sight of fake cleavage or money and are we conditioned to dream about winning the lottery and being able to consume at will.

A simple analysis of the actual benefits that going to school or work provide to the average person should result in complete shutdown of the present global social system. As such, the question of why we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot needs to be discussed and analyzed by activists on a daily basis.

Clearly, school, work and religions are structured to create nice clean safe jobs and wealth for priests, teachers, principals, professors, school administrators, bosses, politicians and all the other VIPs.

Meanwhile, average world citizens are either slaves or wage slaves who must trade their life's time and dignity for a moronically repetitious job that pays barely enough for people to live on while forcing billions of others to live and die in abject poverty.

Clearly, we need a dictatorwatch now more than ever,

Jeff Larochelle